Welcome to Maintaining Marriage! A site geared towards, well you guessed it, maintaining a marriage. Marriage is hard, and it takes a lot of work. Love will fade, Satan will find your weakest point and attack it, and much effort must be placed on constantly growing and learning, not only about each other, but about God. The key to any successful relationship is Christ at the center, as your rock and common denominator.

When my wife and I started dating I lived in a completely different state. We had a desire to honor God with our relationship and we were trying to figure out what that meant. One thing we decided was that we needed to stay grounded in the word together. So I went to the bookstore and searched for something that would do the job. Of course there is always the Bible, but sometimes you need something to help you put things in context. What I came across was a book called the Love Dare. I can definitely say that the times we read that devotional together were some of the most productive times we had. The book covers a different topic relating to love every day. It taught us what love meant, and how to love the way God does. What love means through Gods eyes.

I can also say that the further we got away from these founding principals the more our marriage struggled. Your marriage may struggle at times, but pick a good good devotional like the Love Dare, commit to reading it and keeping God at the center of your relationship, and even the darkest of times can be overcome.


The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples


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